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    • 中翻英(非常急用20點)!!麻煩大家了

      ... though eyes blind, have sensitive sense of hearing and rhythmical image, master the musical instruments...the song, it was valuable that the common people of the metaphor treasured coexisting harmoniously...

    • 海倫凱特<英文>

      1.what senses did helen lose in infancy? She lost her sense of hearing and vision. 2.what senses did helen use to explore the world...

    • 請各位幫忙翻譯一下英文(中文翻英文)

      別把你的視覺和聽覺視為理所當然。 Do not take your sense of sight or hearing for granted. 視覺: the sense of sight 聽覺: the sense of hearing 視... 為理所當然: take ... for granted