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    sense of touch

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    • 海倫凱特<英文>

      ...senses did helen use to explore the world????????? She used sense of touching by hands. 3. what was the name of helen teacher??????????????????????? ...

    • 英文句子分析????

      1.She tried to reach Helen's mind through the sense of touch. (為何用through而不能用with?with可以當"用"阿) 答: 不能用with,一般...

    • 簡單的英文翻譯 (中翻英)

      1:一支筆 一張紙 換來一整個東京 A pen and a piece of paper exchange the whole Tokyo! 2:視覺 聽覺 嗅覺 味覺 觸覺 The sense of sight, the sense of hearing, the sense of smell, the sense of taste and the sense of touch.