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  1. sense perception


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    • 空間感的英文是哪個?

      ...如下: 1. 他的空間感很好,適合當建築師。 He has a very keen sense of special perception, which is good for an architect 2. 這幅畫利用一種特殊的手法製造出空間感...

    • 急!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!幫我翻譯他好專業阿

      ...exposure to a formalized socialization program may yield improved employee perceptions of a sense of belonging, and the benefits thereof.前面這些人,胡亂翻譯。這...

    • 心理學專門術語的英文

      ... clue: Utilize the time difference and the intensity 2.Time perception The non- regular stimulus causing There's no sense organ giving a clue outer clue: The changes of natural environment...