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    sensible plan

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    • 請幫忙翻譯成英文 Performance 2013

      Enhanced ability to control to work, develop and work content and the objectives of the report are used for analysis of for sensible plans, allocation of time and energy to accomplish the task.

    • 初級英檢口說該怎麼回答較好

      ...reply + common sense=most accurate answers for you.If you are not sensible,mindful, reasonable enough to answer, don't say it is my fault to blame...

    • 急....可否幫我翻譯此篇中文成英文? 贈20點 achieve it seriously. Good eating habit; sensible finance management; to curb my temper; to be more ...think a new year resolution does not necessarily involve plans for anything. Even if it is only a small change...