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    • 靈敏,靈敏度
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    • 這篇摘要的翻譯....該怎麼翻勒

      ...方法。仍然是更加進一步, 選擇他們作為理想的人在評估和暴露候選人在他們的sensitivenesses 沒有尿被稀釋。 關鍵詞: 葡萄球菌的Enterotoxins; 察覺; ELISA

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      ... specially under the United Nations, the political sensitiveness is high, it is reported that the affiliation case of Taiwan...

    • 英文的自我介紹 ( 工作用 ) ( 贈 20 點 ) of continues learning, courage of taking a challenge and sensitiveness of observe people’s needs.    I’m looking for an opportunity...