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  1. sentiment analysis

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    • 1. 情感分析 As a psychoanalyst, he is especially good at sentiment analysis. 作為一個心理分析師,他最擅長的就是情感分析。
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    • 再請大大幫我翻譯一下(Data Analysis)

      ...among the sofa to become naturally. Want to create the house style that has sentiment even more , can dispose a modelling , tone comparatively great looking forward...

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      湯普森指出,由於系統中各成員透過互動彼此合作,如成員透過標準作業程序合作,其效益最大。 Aldrich指出。「所謂的組織價值和情感,如不是組織內既有要素所組成的一種固定型態,就是後來出現修正該型態之另一種固定型態。」(Aldrich 1979 年: 269). 類型研究取向...

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      ...performance possibility; But we also must understand that, such analysis method could originally be an overall thing has ...visual form to express his thought and the sentiment, because each kind of visual basic essential factor to him...