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  1. separate from

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    • 1. 使分離 England is separated from France by the Channel. 英吉利海峽把英國和法國分開。
    • 2. 分辨 Adversity shows what men really are and separates the sheep from the goats. 患難可以看出人的本質, 識別好人和壞人。



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    • Separate by and Separate from

      ...用具體的概念來想像, 會比較容易瞭解 separate by 與 separate from的差別原本是好好的/完整的/結合在一起的,卻.... (用不同類別把全部產品區分開來)至於separate from,中文解釋可以說成從某某東西脫離/抽離/剝離開...

    • 英文文法發問

      One of the main things that separates(us) from other animals is S(主詞) how good we are at ...

    • split separate 哪裡不同

      ...見解方向是對的。 單純就動詞部分來說,兩者的用法有語意上的差異,其中 separate (from sth)是常見的用法,例如: It is impossible to separate belief from emotion...