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  1. serf

    • IPA[səːf]


    • n.
      an agricultural labourer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord's estate.
    • noun: serf, plural noun: serfs

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    • IPA[sərf]


    • n.
      an agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord's estate.

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • serf 的複數?

      serf+s *serfs* +s就可以了

    • 踩腳的英文要怎麼拼

      ... a path through the grass.羊群在草地上踩出一條路。3. 踐踏,蹂躪The serf was trod to death.這個農奴被蹂躪致死。

    • odyssey a story

      ... to depend as much on the choices made by women and serfs as on the actions of fighting men. In the ...