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    • 認真的
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    • mind與thought的分別

      ... his mind.兩天後他改變主意了。He has a good mind to quit that job.他很想辭去那份工作。thoughtn. (名詞 noun) 思考 想法 關心 注意ex:After serious thought, he decided to accept their terms.經認真考慮...

    • 人格特質 - 英文

      ...的nice  好的kind  大方的sweet  甜美的friendly 友善的open-minded   心胸寬的trustworthy   值得信賴的dependable  可依賴的...鬼鬼祟祟的Unconcerned 不在乎的childish 孩子氣的serious  認真的conservative  保守的,守舊的curious 好奇的quiet...

    • 可以幫我看一下文法嗎?謝謝喔

      ..., but I know that you are so serious about living a fulfilling life. 我有些害怕...你的人生。 I might condemn you secretly in my mind, because you seem to hate to talk to me on MSN...