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  1. serve as

    • ph.
      有...的效果; 當作...用
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 有...的效果; 當作...用 This behavior merely serves as another example of her lack of consideration. 這個行為只是她不體貼的另一例證。 (這個行為有了說明她不為他人著想的效果。) The picture will serve as a valuable reminder of the dangers involved. 在提醒人們這件事涉及的危險上, 那張照片有極大的效果。


    有...的效果; 當作...用

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    • (英文) serves 以及 from 的問題

      您好: 問題一:serves as 這句是甚麼意思 又 serves 在此是甚魔意思 as 在此又是甚麼意思...alone.  譯:這隻填充玩具泰迪熊是這個小孩孤單時的玩伴。 問題二: 可否把 serve 解釋成 服務於 我例句如下 Her husband serves for Air...

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      1. Serving as the main entrance to the legendary galleries, the sparking...特徵所以用Ving The sparking pyramid "serves as "the main entrance ..... 把他倒過來雖然用事物當主詞但是這裡...

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      Working in day-care centers served as instructor at the University, get along well with children...a license and I will strengthen my language skills as the main target.