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  1. serve at table

    • ph.
      serve people with food or drink
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    • ph.
      serve people with food or drink

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    • 再印度婚姻中,婚禮結束時會吃些什麼東西,須用英文回答

      ... and salad - a sweet dish All the dishes would appear on the table at the same time. The diner would serve themselves in their order of preference, selecting the dishes...

    • 幫我解答餐服的英文敘述~^^

      ...個特定的菜餚所需要用到的一組餐具 (2)signify the utensils necessary to serve a part of a meal. 指出一餐裏所需要的餐具 (3)encompasses the ensemble of objects used at the table. 包含所有在餐桌上所需要用的器具 希望我翻的是你需要的~! 謝謝

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      ...follow me. 4.坐這裡可以嗎?Is this table all right? 這句很好。 5.需要我幫你帶位嗎...7.我們用餐時間到10點. Breakfast stop serving at 10. . 8.請問還有要吃嗎?沒有的話我們要收了...