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  1. set about

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    • 1. 著手作某事 Who set it about that he is resigning? 誰散布謠言說他要辭職? Come and set about your work: we have wasted enough time. 來著手做你的工作吧。我們已經浪費了不少時間。
    • 2. 【口】攻擊或抨擊某人 He set about the intruders with a stick. 他用棍子打那些私闖進來的人。



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    • 英文問題 一位 ESL 朋友的問題

      答案是 a - set about著手,開始(做)He set about learning Chinese at age ten.他在十歲時開始學中文。She set about her housework straight after breakfast.她早飯後立即著手料理家務。

    • 請幫忙英文片語翻譯,謝謝嚕!!!!

      ...需要 by its very nature = 天性/本質如此 clear out = 清除 touch up = 補足, 補救 set about = 著手處理,開始(做一些事) contribute to = 促成, 幫助, 對(某些事)作出貢獻

    • 拜託 >< 請幫忙英翻中{急}!!!!!!!!!!!

      ... receded, the people and animals on Noah's boat set about repopulating the Earth. 在洪水後退了之後,所有在諾亞船上...