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    • zhuyin[ㄔㄨㄊㄧˊ]
    • pinyin[chuti]
    • set a theme (esp. in composing poems or writings); set a question; assign a topic;make out questions (for an examination, etc.)
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    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯成英文唷~~謝謝

      Have an examination for certificates that the new term begins 12 o'clock in the evening All people go to set off the firework together The dark sky seen is...

    • 以下英文短文英翻中

      " oncomouse" 申請被在1985年6月提交給EPO。 最初,關於14 1989年7月,檢查的劃分拒絕那些應用,雜曲集之間以為由第53條(b) 歐洲專利大會中,本來在動物上禁止歐洲專利。 申請人不服從那決定,和一EPO把它放在一邊的呼籲的技術板的關於22 10月1990而上訴並且...

    • 需要幫忙~!!!英文履歷~需要高手幫忙更改文法.(20點)

      ...passion and all efforts. 2013-02-26 14:42:30 補充: For me, just give me English environment... I am preparing to attend the examination of second grade technician of job searching and...