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    set sb at liberty

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    • 中翻英...有點急!!15點 catch on everybody mouth center " at liberty.   Bring tense cue step up this...this wade swim learn travel,Give up at mosts peoples eyes... live in america man's in home all set Hsieh their life style...

    • 請幫忙英文文法修正!!

      ...power, but that is not worth a dot. At the midday, I saw met a... also should to grasped the liberty that belongs to ours... attitude in any given set of circumstances”.   ...

    • 台灣人的英文程度在亞洲國家中如何呢?

      ...simply taking a superficial look at the quantitative statistics we may not be...assessment -- as mentioned in a Liberty Times report. Or perhaps...can reach the high standards set by the Ministry of ...