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    • 英文的動詞三態?

      ... presented 4. tire tired tired 5. set set set 6. shout shouted shouted 7. sing sang ... bragged 23. make made made 24. burn burned burnt

    • 我有一個美國文學翻譯上問題

      ... return,該冬盡春又來, 我的心 , I wish my Sun may never set, but burn盼陽光永照 , 發光在 Within the Cancer of my glowing...

    • 請數學達人幫我算一下 謝謝^^

      ... use the formula B(t) =5cos(0.0172t-1)+15 to set the burntime each day, where t is the number of...and so t=1 isJanuary 1st ). A sketch of the burn time over one year is shown.(a) what are...