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    • 1. 到達 I told him never to set foot in my house again. 我告訴他再也別踏進我家的門。
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    • 文法上的錯誤

      ...2. He has been to left for America and (will) never set foot in his house here again. 3. We are meant to for each other...

    • dress code, buckle down....等問題

      ...當作鑽石矇騙過去。/這些情報員想辦法要(讓自己)以富商的身分矇過去。 4. to set foot in(side) a place = to go into a place  字面意思是「把腳放進某處」,有點像中文...

    • 請問影視雙棲的”棲”

      很難直接翻譯吧 可以說set feet in two(both) fields.