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    • 英文 set-back的意思

      ...thermostat. If you have an older building that doesn't have one, you can usually replace your existing wall thermostat with a set-back model very easily. 在加州,採用中央空調系統的新建物必須配置一種能自動回復...

    • Give me a hand <英文翻譯>

      ...作品將花費你大約5000美元,有些甚至超過了8,000元。 2014-01-30 13:34:25 補充: set you back = spend you (花費你) 2014-01-30 14:09:49 補充: Another way to say one-off is something that is done or made only once It...

    • 進口報單LC~國貿高手幫幫忙~

      ...'s certificate stating that one set of non-negotiable documents,口1/3set of B...original B/L has been sent back to shipping company for the purpose of releasing...