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    set out

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    • set out??set up??

      set out 1.開始 Because Hank's bedroom is too messy,so he set out to clean it. 因為Hank的房間太髒...。 3.開始發出 The baby set up a sound of weeping when someone come...

    • set in vs. set out 的用法

      ... has set in very early this year. 今年春天來得很早。 set out 開始 He set out to paint the whole house but finished only the front...

    • 再出發 翻譯成英文

      再出發 Set Out Again 風大雨大太陽大 誰卡大聲誰就贏 Be... out loud. 再出發 再出發吧 你是阮ㄟ第一名 Set out again. Do set out again. You're the best...