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  1. set right

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    • 1. 糾正錯誤 If anything I say is not correct, please set me right. 我要是有什麼地方說得不對, 請糾正我。
    • 2. 擺正 Set the picture right -- it's not straight. 把畫擺正, 現在是歪的。



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    • set off rights

      抵銷權 此英文法律名詞之解譯可參考:

    • 英文描述 中翻英 翻譯 pay with Pay Pal,not with the credit card. Will you please set right for me as my English is not very good. Thanks...

    • 英文高手來~20點

      Get exclusive content and interact with English (Pirate) language setting right from Facebook... 指侵犯版權者,非法翻印者 在facebook取得侵犯版英語設定權利者的獨家內容和影響