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  1. set someone/something on (or upon)

    • ph.
      cause or urge a person or animal to attack
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    • 急!請各位先進幫幫忙idioms~簡單造句~謝謝您

      ...about your life maybe you should do something about it. 16.He self-centered and cocky but on the other hand, he is rich and handsome... I have my heart set on an even richer guy. 27....

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      ...with a thick orange skin pumkin (E)a soft food made from cream that you can put on bread butter (F)to give someone a responsibility to do something, e.g. homework assign (G)a very large meal to celebrate something feast (H)a ...

    • spike temperatures

      .... 13. to provide or set with a spike or spikes. 14. to pierce with or impale on a spike. 15. to set or stud with something suggesting spikes...thwart: to spike a rumor; to spike someone's chances for promotion...