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  1. set sth. out

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 安排或擺放(物件) We'll need to set out chairs for the meeting. 我們要為會議擺好椅子。 She set out the pieces on the chess-board. 她把國際象棋的棋子擺在棋盤上了。
    • 2. 陳述或宣布某事 He set out his objections to the scheme. 他說他反對這項計劃。 She set out the reasons for her resignation in a long letter. 她在一封長信裡闡明了辭職原因。
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      ...break in調整、適應 break into闖入 break loose掙脫 break off折斷、終止、斷絕 break out爆發 break up打碎 set fire to sth./set sth. on fire放火/焚燒 set forth出發、提出 set sb. off送行 set out出發、開始...

    • 問題: be phased out of use

      ...可能(做某事) The new musical looks set to become a rip-roaring success. 那部新音樂劇看來注定會非常賣座。 ● phased sth <--> out = to gradually stop using or providing...

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      across the board包括一切的,全面的skip school逃學/缺課indulge in沉溺於; 縱情享受show concern about sth表示對某事的關注artificial limb義肢set out to do sth 決定, 打算, 著手做...raise funds集資