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    set to work

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    • 英文的set 和 put

      .... 水泥幾小時後就會凝固。 (骨)接合 著手於,開始[(+to)] They set to work as soon as they arrived. 他們一抵達就開始工作。 (植物)結果 (雞)孵蛋...

    • 幫我翻譯一下 some hidden treasure. 兒子們猜想他們的父親可能和隱藏的寶物有關。 2.Set to work with their spades and ploughs. 置工作於鏟鍬和剷雪機...

    • 我不會片語翻譯 20點 各位英文高手

      ...打掃房子 我們一小時內就能完成 If we set to set to work on the house cleaning, we can finish it in an hour...imperfect this machine is, it does help a lot to us. 19 無論他有多努力,他還是失敗了 No...