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  1. set up

    • vt.
      搭起; 建起;開辦; 設立
    • 釋義
    • vt.
    • 1. 搭起; 建起

      the photographer took some time to set up all her equipment 這位攝影師花了點時間把全部攝影器材布放到位

    • 2. 開辦; 設立
    • 3. 引發

      to set up a commotion/turbulence/noise 引起喧鬧/騷亂/吵鬧

      the monkeys set up a great racket when the tiger approached 老虎走近時,猴子們大叫起來

    • 4. 安排
    • 5. 排; 為…排版

      to set up a column in type 為一個專欄排版

    • 6. 扶持

      to set sb. up in business 扶助某人創業

    • 7. 配備

      to set sb. up with sth. 用某物裝備某人

      I'm pretty well set up with the sort of tools I need 我已經把我需要的工具準備齊全

    • 8. 誣陷

      I was well and truly set up 我被他們徹底陷害了

    • 9. 假稱某人是某物

      to set sb. up as or to be sth. 聲稱某人是某物

      the critics are trying to set her up as the great white hope of British cinema 評論家們試圖把她捧為英國電影界的巨大希望

  2. 知識+

    • set up to 的用法??

      ...又好用,讓操作者輕鬆裝置螺絲釘後即可操作." setting up 後面加上 to 的話 是加 名詞 麼? ...assemble this tool. This tool is easy to set up. This tool is easy for setting...

    • set up的意思?

      set up 1. 豎立;建造 The film crew set up a trigraph to support the camera !! 2. 建立,創立 A 電影攝影機;電視攝像機(照相機) The film crew set up a trigraph to support the camera. 電影工作人員豎立一個三腳架...

    • set out??set up??

      ...should be set out somewhere full of sunshine. 植物應該被栽種在充滿陽光的地方。 set up 1.創(體育)記錄 She set up a new record time in Marathon. 她...