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    • 專業汽車實習 翻譯 請誤用google的翻 急需 送20點

      ... if one or both rear wheels are toed-in or toe-out, or one is set back slightly with respect to the other, the thrust line thrown off-center. 但是如果有一個或兩個後輪前端向內側傾斜或前端向外側傾斜,或有一...

    • 玩psp棒球裡面的英文..幫我翻譯一下(遊戲英文)

      ...種四------口 Pitch Out 吊球 (故意投外準備狙殺跑者...up to you to trust the catcher or shake him off. 註:捕手會依照投手擅長... After Set (after pitch selection) 準備好...

    • a good little school-girl是什麼意思

      ...quot; 會把兩隻手交握放在她的膝蓋上一樣Out came the big crab from the seaweed, and set off towards the anemone-pool.那隻大螃蟹就從海草...have been going north, south, east or west. 但是, 正如同眾所周知的, 它就像...