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  1. settle in

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    • 1. (幫助...)在新居安頓下來 You must come and see our new house when we are settled in. 我們遷入新居後, 你務必要來看我們的新房子。 We move house on Friday, but we'll take another week to settle in. 我們定於星期五搬家, 可是要再過一個星期才能安頓下來。
    • 2. (幫助...)適應(或習慣於)新環境(或新工作等) We settled the children in new schools when we moved to London. 我們搬到倫敦後就給孩子們轉好了新學校。 He settled a young man in a trade. 他讓一位男青年從事貿易。
    • 3. (冬季、夏季等)開始, 來臨; (雨、雪)開始下個不停 It settled in to snow soon after daybreak. 黎明後不久, 雪開始下個不停。