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  1. settlement day

    • n.
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    • 急件~ 請商用英文高手協助翻譯英文句子

      "A"的風險將會是所買賣股票在兩天內市場變化之風險。如果該基金未能於交易日下班時經由保管銀行與"A"來確認交易的事項, 則該股票會在早在T+1日, 或交割日,而非在 T+2那一天被出清掉。

    • 商用英文儀器及付款

      ... bills. Despite the agreed terms of 30-day settlement, you will observe that the current payment progress almost looks like 60-day ...

    • Is there really a need for spa

      ...personal opinion, it is not the question of need, but the willingness. One day, when we will be able to build houses in the space, planet such as moon. ...