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  1. settling day


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    • Around the world in 80 days的問題

      我覺得 settled 應該翻 安定的 或 成功的 安定 是settled 的中翻 成功 是因為如果說...精準(完美) 看看哪種解釋比較符合劇情吧 2010-02-02 11:18:12 補充: 看一看 settled 也很有可能是 穩定的

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯一下

      ... 24 of the Republic of China, the government is clear to settle Tomb Sweeping Day to visit grave stanza for the race and highlight more to settle clear visit grave of important...

    • 證券市場資訊(瑞士)的英文翻譯

      ...一日午夜12點收到意圖執行此交易的通知。 Cum-entitlement trades settling within 10 days after the ex-date/pay date are automatically compensated by SIS...