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  1. in seventh heaven

    • very happy; ecstatic
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    • in a state of ecstasy

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    • seventh heaven 為什麼是用 seventh

      Seventh Heaven 是個英文片語,形容一種極度滿足快樂的狀態或是極度的 q/Etymology-Meaning-Words- 1474/seventh-heaven.htm  這篇文章把猶太人認位的七個天堂有很詳細的解說...

    • 請幫我用 be in seventh heaven 造句

      be in seventh heaven---樂昏頭,非常的高興 Mary was in seventh heaven when the teacher praised her math achievement. 當老師誇讚Mary的數學很有進步,她真是高興的不得了

    • 請各位幫我看一下我的文法對不對?

      ...peach. I guess she has two frams. She is in the seventh heaven. Or she will go bananas. ------------ marry ----> ...