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    • 請幫我翻譯這段中文成英文(急用)

      ...the prop very gorgeous Jing with the result that, generally is the set of seven ranks son, need 15 personal form dolls and other decoration. Topmost rank:...

    • On My First Son

      告別、我正確的hsnd的thou孩子和喜悅; 我的罪孽是thee,被愛的男孩許多希望: 七年thou wert借了到我和I thee薪水, 由thy命運苛求,在正義天。 O能我現在失去所有父親! 為為什麼 將供以人員哀嘆他應該嫉妒的狀態, 要有『那麼...

    • 請問句中的land 是動詞還是名詞?

      landed 是動詞,著陸 He landed here, and founded seven towns, so that each couple had land from where he would never emigrate again...