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  1. sew up

    • ph.
      縫攏, 縫接;安排, 完成; 確保...的成功
    • 釋義


    • 1. 縫攏, 縫接 I've cut the dress, but I haven't sewn it up yet. 我裁剪了一件衣服, 但我還沒把她縫好。
    • 2. 安排, 完成; 確保...的成功 All the details of the project have been sewn up. 這個項目的細節都已安排好了。 Don't think about that job, Mary has it sewed up. 不要想那份工作, 瑪莉一定會得到那份工作的。
    • 3. 【美】【口】控制, 壟斷 I want to have the election sewn up even before I put my name on the list. 我希望在候選登記之前就控制選舉的大局。