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  1. sex abuse


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    • 請問兩性平等翻成英文是?

      gender equality 發現正式說法都是這樣 性侵害sex assaults/ sexual abuses 性騷擾 sex harrassments 家暴 family violence 性侵害犯 sex offenders 兩性...

    • 作業需求!請求翻譯Ingrid Jonker的詩

      “I am with those who abuse sex because the individual doesn’t count with those who get drunk against the abyss...

    • 中文請翻譯成英文

      ... you a virgin? What if one day you have sexual abuse, what should you do? The trend of conservative society in... that some people make a living by having sex with people. 2006-01-25 07:41:19 補充: boys like to...