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  1. shade tree


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    • The tree gives you shade ...

      This tree provides you shade, don't you forget to give it something in return!

    • 走到樹蔭下的英文

      It's very hot, so I walk into the shade of the tree. 這是完美的句子, 無需作任何更改. 2010-12-14 09:19:35 補充: walk...the tennis court. 那麼, 有一塊蔭涼區域, 當然也就可以說walk into the shade了.

    • shadow & shade 二個字有何不同?

      ... on George's blue blanket that was laid in the shade of the big strong oak tree. 海倫躺在喬治放在粗橡樹樹蔭下的藍色毯子上. On Clearwater...