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    shallow minded
  1. shallow-minded

    • adj.
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    • 천재是猴子的韓文嗎?

      ...prodigy 천재 천재(天災) a natural calamity;(a) natural disaster 천재 1【얕은 재주】shallow mind[wit]

    • 麻煩幫我中文番成英文 a box

      ...still took the box of skulls to the police station. Like the shallow minded Pandora who could not resist the temptation so she opened the box full...

    • 請協助英文翻譯及文法糾正(兩句話)

      The author of the book "The Shallow" points out that the convenient information usage on the internet would disperse our mind compare the thought and image with the period of time of book reading, which...