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    • 請幫忙聽 減肥歌 的歌詞 20點! 謝謝

      ...frequent fast food drive-through and the cashier knows your name. If you've taken on the shape of fruit an apple or a pear. If you're into slimming wardrobe black...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯牡丹江的歌詞嗎??

      ... the moonlight next and happy The granite knothole is old in the street you I walk through of place That motley brick wall is now exactly what shape Can't go to of all is called the far-away place and return and...

    • (英翻中)Sam tsui-Shadow 歌詞翻譯

      ...靠近了,太多了, The shape of something I can't touch...yesterday? 從昨天就一直看著我嗎? You can leave me, 你可以...東西。 為符合中文語法,有部分歌詞為意譯,非逐字翻譯。提供您參考...