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    • 樣子好的,定形的,形狀美好的
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    • Shapel Mahogany的中文意思???

      對不起..沒有Shapel這個字喔!!!! 我推測事 shapely a. (形容詞 adjective) 樣子好看的,形狀美觀的;豐滿勻稱的 She had...

    • 文法一題) ___ built-up area 空格填?

      ...-up area in the center of the city. (A) serenely (B) securely (C) shapely (D) densely 答案應該為D, densely,整句的翻譯是百分之七十五的人口...

    • 為之一亮英文要怎麼寫?

      ... classically-styled navy kid pumps, traveled up her shapely legs to the hem of her navy suit.