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    • 車棚,小屋,脫落之物,分水嶺使流出,放射,脫落,散發,擺脫流出
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    • shed some light on...是什麼意思?

      shed light on - make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear 釐清使不模糊; 澄清 cast/shed/throw light on sth Something or someone that casts...

    • Rotavirus shedding是什麼意思?

      Two infants (subjects 3 and10) shed intermittentlyRotavirus shedding premature infants ...

    • 問英文shed any light

      to shed light on:為…帶來線索、希望。This new evidence shed light on the serial killing.(新證據為連續殺人案帶來一線曙光。) ...