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  1. shed light on


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 照亮
    • 2. 闡明;解釋清楚 I don't know why he is looking for me. Perhaps you can shed some light on this. 我不知道他為什麼要找我,也許你可以解釋清楚。
  2. 知識+

    • shed some light on...是什麼意思?

      shed light on - make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear 釐清使不模糊; 澄清 cast/shed/throw light on sth Something or someone that casts/sheds...

    • 問英文shed any light

      to shed light on:為…帶來線索、希望。This new evidence shed light on the serial ...連續殺人案帶來一線曙光。) Does the US' 2003 war in Iraq shed any light on democratic peace theory? 美國2003攻打伊拉克的戰爭有(為伊拉克)的和平民主帶來希望...

    • 英文翻譯這一句Though much ...

      Though much experimentation lies ahead, economics can shed light on how the market for higher education may change. 儘管很多試驗仍待釐清,不過...