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    • 羊,懦怯之人,信徒
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    • sheep的用法

      sheep是「可數名詞」,只是「單數」和「複數」同形,所以你可以寫a sheep,表示只有一隻羊,將a換成some/many/a lot of/lots of時,表示數目是多...

    • 請問有關sheep的英文諺語?

      Goat, lamb, sheep, kid (小羊) as gentle as a lamb 像綿羊般溫和 a black sheep 害群之馬 follow like sheep 盲目順從 separate the sheep from and the goats 辨別好人與壞人 Lock the stable door after the "horse" (馬) is stolen. 亡羊補牢

    • the sheep VS sheep疑問

      ... mentioned or is easily understood. The sheep was relatively related here ;hence using "the". It...