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    sheep run
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    • 英文文意字彙-2

      ... are many animals such as horses, cows and sheep eating,running and playing in the field all summer.8.My mom headed for the supermarket...

    • 我忘記這個英文演講稿寫神麼 20點

      ...!” “Oh, no no no! That would frighten my sheep. They would all run away! I do not want you to be my shepherd.” The wolf ...

    • 急.....英翻中

      ... Years!一隻綿羊逃避剪毛長達六年! A sheep escaped being sheared for six ...年逃避剪毛,At shearing time, it would always run away and hide. 每當剪毛時節,牠總是遠遠走避而且藏起來...