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    sheltered industries

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    • 請英文高手幫幫忙…

      ...是貿易外觀。 三、protectibility:名詞,屏障、保護︵screen, shelter︶ 有不同用法,特別是用於商業方面: ①對國外的競爭者施加進口關稅的保護措施︵to guard the industry of a nation) from foreign competition by imposing import...

    • [急]期末報告好難唷...可以幫我英翻中嗎?大感謝!

      ... forward to ardently to help to obtain employment, an industry that the central government should be devoted to ... who engaged as vagrant's service station or sheltered the centre promptly.

    • 有點難 請翻譯詳細點 集集 20點 3q

      SCT(蛇口集裝箱碼頭股份有限公司) 位於深圳Nantou(南頭)半島頂端,。成立於1989年, 是深圳第一個國際專業貨櫃碼頭集散中心 SCT現由四家China Merchants, DP World, Swire Pacific and Modern...