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    • 牧羊者,牧師,指導者看守,領導,指導,牧羊
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    • herdsman and shepherd

      A shepherd deals exclusively with sheep, while a herdsman workd with herds ... over other people.3. a cleric or pastor.4.sheepdog.v.t. 5. to tend or guard as a shepherd.6. to watch over, guide, or lead. herds•man (ˈhɜrdz mən) n., pl. -men...

    • Maybe you can be a 'Shepherd .

      「當個『牧羊龍』也不錯呀!」龍媽媽安忍牠。 可是,所有的羊群趁著牠睡著時,一個個跳過欄杆,全部逃跑了! 這下子,再也沒有人敢找睡睡龍幫忙了。 睡睡龍覺得好難過,沒有工作,也不知道自已能做什麼?

    • 我忘記這個英文演講稿寫神麼 20點

      題目: Hiring the Fox as Shepherd 內容: An old woman needed someone to watch...all run away! I do not want you to be my shepherd.” The wolf applied for the job...