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    • 請問有人可翻譯嗎 as soon as they shone

      as soon as they shone a light on the pile in just the right way ,the shadow it made suddenly came...光線朝著正確的方向投射到那堆東西的瞬間, 光線所產生的影子突然變得栩栩如生. shine a light in just the right way : 把光線朝著正確的方向投射過去 it made...

    • 麻煩請還原未連接時的二段句子

      1.I read the letter twice. Bill expressed disagreement with me in the letter. 2.The moon is still shining as brightly as ever. Some astronauts landed on the moon.

    • 有關英文填空的問題..快來幫我~20點

      ...shines). Explain: the sun that is "it" and the sun always shines as a fact, therefore using the simple present tense. I often (write) with a pen...