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  1. shine through

    • ph.
      (of a good quality or skill) be clearly evident
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    • 陽光從窗戶射進來的英文

      我只看過三種〈最普遍〉的講法,而且都是外國人寫的。 The sunlight shines through the window. The sunlight filters through the window. The sunlight...

    • 有人能幫幫窩翻譯嘛 ???

      ...沒有使用ing的形式, 原句應為Bottle is flying) Sun shines through the eyes 陽光閃過眼眸 We'll never ask for too much 我們絕不...

    • 簡單又有趣的英文劇本

      ...quot;A Duck Tale" The bright morning rays shone through the bedroom curtains onto Farmer Huang's pillow; ...