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  1. ship out

    • ph.
      (乘船)離開; (乘船)離開一個國家(尤指祖國);使(乘船)離開, 送走; (用船)把...送往另一個國家(尤指送離祖國)
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. (乘船)離開; (乘船)離開一個國家(尤指祖國)

      ship out on an aound-the-world liner to Panama 乘環球郵輪去巴拿馬

      I told her I was shipping out in two days. 我告訴她兩天後我將乘船出國。

    • 2. 使(乘船)離開, 送走; (用船)把...送往另一個國家(尤指送離祖國)

      As soon as they finished basic training, the government shipped them out. 他們一結束基本訓練後就被政府送往國外。

    • 3. 【口】辭職, 離職; 被解僱

      Shape up or ship out. 規矩些, 要不就滾蛋。

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