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    • 這兩句的英文是什麼意思? 發票和invoice寫的

      ...27:20 補充: Say Total XXXX XXXX... 這裝船文件(shipping documents)中Invoice, Packing, B/L, ...

    • 什麼叫Attorney ship

      agency ship ? 從版主引述的合約內容來看, 這兩個字應該合為一字: attorneyship 代理人之職務; 代理權 attorneyship由attorney之字義衍生而來, 一般指委任律師的身份及其代理權. Hope it helps. 2010-06-14 17:34:07 補充: 與船沒有任何關係.

    • 請翻譯英文來信是什麼意思?勿使用翻譯軟體!!

      ... would be advised the next day and then they would inform us about the shipment along with shipping documents by fax to facilitate our preparation for the custom clearance. 2009-08-18 01:44:45 補充...