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  1. shock horror


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    • ABC同學門我需要你們因英文能力

      1. I like to watch film about wars because its content is shocking and historic. 2. I like to watch comedy because it is laughable. 3. I don't like to see horror movie because it is formidable. 4. The movie star that I like ...

    • 英翻中~有關環球影城 (最好是有去過的人)

      ...心理興奮沿海航船, ' 媽咪的復仇Ride' 以全新'為特色; 更多Shocking' 體驗將留給您氣喘籲籲! 如果您敢,面孔心臟打碎特技效果和在每個輪的...

    • 有沒有3分30秒-4分30秒的英文故事??

      ... to a halt. Luke stared at the house in horror. What would his mother say? He spent the... bedroom to lie down. He was in for a shock. “Oh no! I forgot about this room...