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  1. shock treatment


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    • Something在句首是當什麼詞?

      ... are seriously injured & People can go into shock 你說的沒錯! === Treatment depends on the kind of fracture that is identified. 治療會...

    • 中文翻英文 禁止翻譯軟體 英文高手請幫我翻!!..

      ...story a little let me down The film really made me very shocked, angry and moving I am angry place Why should an innocent child suffer this kind of treatment This is not her fault she is the victim but she must bear...

    • 英文醫囑 翻譯 on ventilator support;Pneumonia,roght with septic shock and respiratory failure:COPD with AE 因為呼吸... to our ICU for further evaluation and treatment 而且因為呼吸衰竭引發二度感染:氣胸左邊..胸管引流並...