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  1. shockproof

    • KK[ˋʃɑk͵pruf]
    • DJ[ˋʃɔkpru:f]


    • adj.
    • 更多解釋
    • 防震的


  2. 知識+

    • 可以幫我翻譯這篇短文嗎???英文~(20點!!!)

      Dear Sir, Getting shockproof function Suspend in midair it is most people that refit first...have, as well as be getting shockproof what does it make? Getting shockproof it whether used for supporting the automobile body weight is it...

    • 防震 耐摔 英文怎麼說?

      ...防震、耐摔、防潑水, 適合各種戶外活動中使用。 This product is shockproof, shatterproof, water repellent, and suitable for usage in various outdoor activities...

    • 【英文】麻煩幫我翻譯一下...10點

      ...039;s also support Global Positioning System(GPS), shockproof and waterproof. C: Its sounds good! How much for it...