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  1. shoot out

    • ph.
      像子彈一般衝出;擊毀, 擊滅(燈火等); 射穿(輪胎)
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    • 1. 像子彈一般衝出 The boat shot out from the reeds. 小船飛也似的從蘆葦中穿出。 shoot out of the kitchen door 衝出廚房門
    • 2. 擊毀, 擊滅(燈火等); 射穿(輪胎)
    • 3. 拋出, 扔出; 趕出 He was shot out in the collision of the cars. 兩車相撞時他被拋出車外。 As the cat jot the tree he was shot out. 汽車撞上樹時他被摔出車外。
    • 4. 快速(或用力)地說出(或發出) shoot out a stream of invective 迸出一連串的詛咒
    • 5. 突然伸出 The snake shot out its tongue. 蛇突然把舌頭伸出。
    • 6. 抽出(嫩枝、芽等) The trees are shooting out new branches. 樹正在長新枝。
    • 7. 【口】用槍解決(爭端等)



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