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  1. shoot up

    • ph.
      向上射擊, 噴射;(植物)吐枝, 發芽; (兒童等)長高, 長大
    • 釋義


    • 1. 向上射擊, 噴射 The flames shot up. 火舌向上噴出。
    • 2. (植物)吐枝, 發芽; (兒童等)長高, 長大 The boy is shooting up fast. 這男孩長得很快。
    • 3. 迅速上升 The rocket shot up into the sky. 火箭衝入天空。
    • 4. 高聳, 矗立 The cliff shoots up to a height of several hundred meters. 聳立著的懸岩高達數百米。
    • 5. (價格等)暴漲, 猛增 Rents have shot up in the last few months. 上幾個月, 租金突然暴漲了。 The growth rate of the economy shot up to an unbelievable level. 經濟的增長率猛增至令人難以置信的程度。
    • 6. 【美】【口】在...胡亂開槍製造恐怖及破壞 The gangsters ran into the bar and started shooting it up. 歹徒們衝進酒吧胡亂掃射一通。
    • 7. 開槍襲擊; 擊斃; 開槍打傷
    • 8. 【俚】注射(毒品)
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